Lawn fertilization

Grass is a plant that requires a lot of nutrients to remain healthy and vigorous. Regular fertilizer applications are therefore necessary to keep the lawn uniform, dense, and healthy. This nutrient supply is generally applied throughout the season to maintain lawn growth all season long.

Fertilization of flower beds

Plants in flower beds also require a supply of nutrients to maintain their health and beauty. A plant that is deficient in nutrients tends not to grow properly and is more susceptible to disease and harmful insects.

Treatment for weeds

Weeds are plants that have evolved to survive in various conditions. This evolution has enabled them to outcompete other plants. They are more tolerant, more efficient at absorbing nutrients, and generally grow faster than our horticultural plants. Without control, they can quickly take over our lawns or flower beds.

Lime treatment

Lime treatment is a procedure that involves applying a certain amount of horticultural lime to correct the pH of the soil. The pH of the soil affects the ability of plants to absorb nutrients from the soil.

Anti-germinanting treatment

It involves applying a product that prevents the germination of unwanted plants. It is done on the lawn or in the flowerbeds to help control the emergence of weeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers yo the questions we get asked the most about our services.
No it’s organic and it does not affect the bees and animals.
The fertiliser treatment does not grow new grass. It will help grow and strengthen the existing grass.
We should wait at least 24 hours after the weed treatment before watering the grass and 48 hours before cutting it.